Jamey My name is Jamey, and I approve this message:

Jamey Stevenson is a writer, programmer, and game designer originally hailing from upstate New York, but currently residing in Dundee, Scotland. He is a good person who always wears a seat belt. In fact, he's such a saint that he wears one even when he isn't in a vehicle - take that, Mother Teresa!

"So," you may ask, "if he's really all that fancy, what games has he made?" You've got some kind of nerve to ask that. Lucky for you, Jamey admires your moxie.

"Lots of them!" he replies. "Why, I've worked on everything from online multiplayer shooters on the PC, social sims involving theme parks and hotel management, updates of arcade classics for mobile phones, 2D platformers on Game Boy Advance, and even a Nintendo DS translation of a popular collectible card game."

	  Action Cabbage
	  Patch Kids The Santa Clause Marvel Trading Card Game
APB: All Points Bulletin All Stars Darts Funpark Friends Hotel GB
Hotel Vegas Cat Tap Fever

Unbelievable, you say? Hold on, there's more - Jamey maintains an active presence within the game development community by writing articles and essays, attending various conferences, and working as a volunteer for the IGDA. He has also advocated on behalf of game development via participation in numerous educational outreach activities, including speaking to students of various ages about game development careers and helping judge academic and hobbyist game competitions at institutions such as RPI and the University of Abertay Dundee.

Just in case your socks have not already been blown clean off by the sheer force of his awesomeness, you should know that Jamey is an avid reader and game player who believes that, despite anything others may say to the contrary, games and stories both contain the potential to improve our lives and help make us more empathetic by serving as conduits that encourage us to examine the world from new perspectives. He also believes that the previous sentence makes him sound a little like the pretentious guy from that Harvard Bar scene in Good Will Hunting, but he can live with that.

For the few brave and curious souls among you who wish to pursue advanced Jamey studies, suggested areas of research include: game design (naturally), ethics, open source software, programming languages, independent game development, collaborative storytelling (role-playing, playback theatre, psychodrama), artificial intelligence, systems theory/cybernetics, and anything having to do with the history and culture of Iceland.

Of course, you can also go straight to the source by emailing Jamey using the following trusty, spam-resistant hyperlink: jamey (at) jameystevenson (dot) com.