Absolute zero is the loneliest number

I need a jumpstart to care
Don't want to sit still in the winter air
Is there a cable we can share?

Battery drains twice as fast
So let's enjoy the warmth while it lasts
You can break my legs if you promise to sign my cast

I need a jumpstart to care
The water is frozen, but at least it's still there
Just under the surface is an unlit roadside flare

The numbness may be self-imposed
Takes the bloom off of every rose
Leaves me sifting through the remnants of the path I chose

You tell me to put on a coat
Just an elaborate way to clear your throat
When the thaw comes, it only restores the moat

I need a jumpstart to care
Until then I'll take a nap with the bears
Look for you across the tundra with my thousand yard stare