Skills and Qualifications

Game Development Experience

Lead Designer Cat Tap Fever iOS

Served as the primary creative lead for a game about collecting, raising, and breeding cats. Worked on the project from initial inception through to release, and continued to refine the game and add new content after launch.

Designer Unannounced Strategy Title iOS

Worked on developing a new, mobile instalment of a popular PC strategy game series.

Lead Designer Pokey Death Sticks iOS

Assumed creative ownership of a game in mid-production, with the goal of refining the existing design.

Lead Designer Hotel Vegas iOS, Android

Oversaw development of a successor to the original Hotel GB game.

Lead Designer Hotel GB iOS, Android

Worked closely with an external client (Channel 4) to rapidly design and implement a hotel management sim that could be released to coincide with the debut of a corresponding television show.

Lead Designer Funpark Friends Deluxe iOS, Android

Guided the creation of an enhanced version of the original Funpark Friends game, while simultaneously managing the existing title as a live service.

Lead Designer / Lead Programmer Funpark Friends iOS, Android

Led design and implementation of a free to play, social theme park simulation for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Programmer All Star Darts WebOS

Ported a complete game from iPhone to Palm in one month, with no outside assistance and no prior knowledge of either platform.

AI Programmer APB: All Points Bulletin Windows

Responsible for implementing, extending and maintaining AI systems for a large scale, online sandbox game. Primary tasks involved simulating a large population of AI-controlled vehicles within a highly dyamic urban environment.

Designer Re-Mission 2 Windows

Freelance contract with HopeLab to develop new concepts that would expand on the core mechanics of the original Re-Mission, a game created for teens who have been diagnosed with cancer. Collaborated with the Producer and Technical Lead of the project to ensure that the final deliverable fulfilled the intended goal of increased gameplay variety while retaining the proven treatment benefits of the existing game.

Programmer Marvel Trading Card Game Nintendo DS

Responsible for implementing an auto-pass system and other gameplay logic.

Disney's The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause
Lead Programmer Game Boy Advance

Oversaw a small team of programmers to ensure that all project milestones were met. Primary responsibilities included designing and writing new object-oriented system components, and communicating with the Art and Design Leads about overall goals and specific tasks.

Cabbage Patch Kids: The Patch Puppy Rescue
Programmer Game Boy Advance

Implemented the majority of AI, collision, and game object behavior logic.

Programmer Elevator Action BREW

Refactored the entire AI system into a much more elegant, scalable, and intuitive object-oriented design.

Additional Game Development Experience

Designer / Programmer Hurdles Browser

Solo project created in under 48 hours for the Ludum Dare game jam. Designed the game around the competition theme of "minimalism", and received strong positive feedback for originality, fun factor, and innovative use of theme.

Designer / Programmer Kigo Browser

Personal project to create a prototype for a browser based puzzle game in ActionScript. Wrote an initial design document and implemented a fully functional, playable prototype on my own. Set up and maintained a source code repository to better facilitate rapid experimentation.

Designer / Programmer Laundry Day Browser

Group project created in under 72 hours for Ludum Dare 31. Guided a diverse team that included members of widely varying ages and experience levels, including contributors that were working remotely.

Designer / Programmer Treat Me Well Android

Entry in the 2013 Life.Love. Game Design Challenge, where participants create games to raise awareness about teen dating violence for purposes of education and prevention. Worked with one other programmer and an artist to create a game in less than a week using Haxe.

Designer Common Ground Browser, Android

Created as part of the "Life Designs" hack weekend hosted by Project Ginsberg, where participants were tasked with developing games and apps to help people struggling with common mental health problems like anxiety, stress and depression. Prototyped an interactive tool where users tend to a garden that acts as an anonymous, communal support group for various mental health disorders.

Designer / Programmer Pac Mentality Browser

Created as part of the "Life Designs" hack weekend hosted by Project Ginsberg. Prototyped a game that repurposes the iconic characters from Pac-Man to create an interactive simulation that allows players to explore and understand problems related to social anxiety, introversion and agoraphobia.

Where's Wheelie?: Invasion of the Buddy Matchers
Designer Oculus Rift

Networked co-op multiplayer game made using Unity. Game concept was required to incorporate the randomly chosen elements "Sci-Fi", "Match" and "Wheel". One player, using the Oculus Rift and a steering wheel, is a roving security guard in a crowded space mall, and must coordinate with a second player who has an overview map and mugshot in order to locate and apprehend a particular alien before time expires. Created in under 24 hours for Tag Jam 2014, the game swept all available award categories based on peer playtesting and voting.

Designer Planet Pong iOS

Multiplayer action game with two players facing off using a single tablet device. Created in under 24 hours for Tag Jam 2012.

Designer / Programmer Rescue Robots Windows

Puzzle game where players must guide robots to rescue workers trapped in hazardous environments. Created in under 24 hours for Tag Jam 2011.

Designer Brickle Game Boy Advance

Homebrew handheld game prototype, came up with initial concept and worked with a single programmer to implement a working demo. Provided design and implementation guidance and project oversight.

AI Programmer Insanity Windows

Worked in a small team to create a complete 3D game engine from scratch, with significant personal contributions to the AI, camera, dynamic collision, and many other vital system components.

Designer / Programmer Cardboard and Steel Windows

Wrote and maintained a comprehensive design document, including a realistic, prioritized catalog of all game features. Programmed the camera system and script interface. Also wrote and edited all in-game dialogue.

Designer / Programmer Office Gear Solid Windows

Proposed original game premise and guided the team toward implementation. Programmed the AI, collision, level editor, and game object behaviors. Maintained the design document and technical specifications.

Designer / Programmer Skywriter Windows

Completed an enjoyable, fully functioning game in two weeks with no outside assistance.

Designer Jack Dash!! Windows

Came up with the original game concept and utilized custom tools to build game environments.

Related Experience

Employment History

October 2014 - Present Tech Valley Game Space Founder

July 2014 - Present Spoony Bird Founder

December 2010 - June 2014 Tag Games Game Designer

September 2008 - September 2010 Realtime Worlds AI Programmer

April 2005 - October 2006 1st Playable Productions Programmer


January 2003 - December 2004 Full Sail University

*References and portfolio samples available upon request.