Judge Jamey's Court of Game Design
Hear ye, hear ye! The Court of Game Design is now in session. All rise for the Honorable Judge Jamey, presiding.

Case One: The Basketball Phenomenon

Designing Games for Ethics: Models, Techniques and Frameworks
Look for my chapter, entitled "A Framework for Classification and Criticism of Ethical Games", in this collection edited by Karen Schrier and David Gibson. The book features a cavalcade of talented developers and academics examining every facet of ethics in games, including contributions from my friends and former colleagues Link Hughes and Tobi Saulnier. Also be sure to check out volume one of the series, which contains a chapter by Erin Hoffman (another former colleague) as well as a foreword by Henry Jenkins.

Saboteurs, Smugglers, and Stowaways
This was a feature I wrote for Gamasutra looking at some notable examples of subversive Easter eggs that have been embedded into games by rogue developers acting without the knowledge or approval of their employers.

Alien Hominid Review
Before Idle Thumbs assumed the mantle of "greatest gaming podcast known to man", it was a plucky little hodgepodge of a site comprised of articles and reviews from a motley assortment of critics and enthusiasts hailing from both the US and UK. I was an avid reader of the site and always admired their dedication to providing thoughtful coverage of a diverse swath of the gaming landcape, both indie and mainstream. At the time I had been playing through the Behemoth's initial console foray, so I contacted the Thumbs crew to propose writing a review of the game. I like to think that my own contribution to the Idle Thumbs Empire™ was the pivotal piece of content that helped catalyze the site's transformation from noble underdog status into the loveable goliath we all know it as today (protip: this is not true).

Gamasutra Blog
At the moment, this consists of selected content from my blog on this site, with some additional comments and rambling thrown in for good measure.