A sampling of my haiku.

Phantom of Facebook
A poem I wrote after an abrasive acquaintance blocked me on Facebook, resulting in me being able to see numerous instances of other people fervently arguing in response to posts of his that were entirely invisible to me.

Dundee Dismantled (James' Mission)
A poem I wrote around the time I was preparing to leave Dundee and return home after living in Scotland for approximately six years.

Absolute zero is the loneliest number
A poem I wrote during that point in winter when it feels like there is no end in sight.

Campsite Rule
A poem I wrote when I was not a happy camper.

A poem I wrote to remind myself to stay hemiparasitic.

not a soul
A poem I wrote during one of my many insomniac nights.

I am Tetsuo
Sometimes poetry is cold comfort. I didn't know what to do then, and I don't know what to do now.

the meek
A poem I wrote while I was feeling concerned about my inheritance.

All These Pretty Nuns
A poem I wrote after someone I loved strongly implied that the main obstacle to us being together was that I didn't share her faith. Some of the phrasing is regrettable, but this is still an honest representation of how I felt at the time.

A poem I wrote while feeling bleak. How unusual!

My ode to General Electric, Schenectady and my hometown of Nassau (site of the Dewey Loeffel Landfill).

In-Class Essay
A poem I scribbled on the back of a test paper in a high school English class instead of answering the test question, which was an essay prompt about a book I hadn't read.

LARP (Live Action Role-Playing)
A poem I wrote in high school while goofing around with my friend Anthony Rossello. We took turns writing the lines.

Ben-inspired Mania
At one point in school, I zoned out while my friend Ben was talking to me. I tuned back in just in time to distinctly hear him utter the words "apple cake window". My attempts to reconstruct a possible context for such a phrase led me to this.

A sort of chant I made up while attempting to ward off the monotony of high school.

Display-laced Daydream
A little fragment I wrote to pass time during a lull at one of my earliest jobs, working at a sporting goods store.

Moon Pulls the Tides
My favorite of the poems I wrote in high school.