Dundee Dismantled (James' Mission)

Pirate Jenny and I overtake the Law
Then we survey the scene below

All along the waterfront sit piles of stones
Where the buildings were leveled

I'll take the Black Freighter back home
I'll be damned

No need for the cannons
The wrecking ball already hit Dundee

But I won't be around to see what's birthed from the rubble

So Jenny and I will wave goodbye
Board the Discovery and guide it west around the coast

Hey Jenny, did I ever tell you my middle name is Robert?
Now you know all my secrets

When we get to Glasgow, she'll depart
To play the role of Bonnie by Clydeside

And I, the new Dread Pirate, will set sail for colder shores
But we'll meet again some red night, in Libertatia