Phantom of Facebook

You live inside of a walled garden
carefully constructed, brick by brick
with a ceiling fashioned from
a one-way way funhouse mirror
facing out

(you were never one for self-reflection)

Here you plant your corn
a model of self-sufficiency
row after row of deaf ears

No time for boredom or loneliness
when every day you must rehearse
your one man show of "the cask of amontillado"
tonight the part of montresor will be played by fortunato
and don't forget to memorize your motto: "nemo me impune lacessit"

That's right, say it one more time with feeling
amplify the words and send them echoing out
through that one-way ceiling glass

And if any dissenting opinion should creep in to impugn your certainty
like a crow swooping down to cast its shadow upon your crop
simply wave your hand and transform it into yet another straw man

It's good that you done that, it's real good
but why is it that for all the straw men you create
you can never seem to keep the crows at bay?

And who was it that banished you
to the cornfield in the first place?
You think it was me, and perhaps you're right

Maybe I'm the same, after all
it's true that I closed my eyes and turned away
not liking what I saw as I tried to peer down
through that funhouse glass

But now that distorted reflection is blotted out
by a murder of crows, perched on your garden's ceiling
eagerly awaiting opening night

Oh, how the ghost of you lingers
he who walks behind the rows
he who walks beneath the crows
he who walks where your eyes don't go