not a soul

in the still of night I go walking
through the old haunts
grown gaunt

on a street with no people
the sky forms a steeple
surrounds me

but there's not a soul
not a soul
not a soul
to be found here

and my wandering mind
is not inclined
to assist me

so it looks to be another night
spent listing

in the day I keep my headphones on
but for now I'm listening to the
stock boy's song

in the all night grocery store
halogen halos
warm my core

and there's not a soul
not a soul
not a soul
I'm searching for

back on the empty avenue
every shadow is imbued
with the memory of life's pantomime

(comforting, sublime)

but when I think of you
it's just a broken view
of a lost time

because a soul can't be confined
in a chrysalis of twine
see the contract left unsigned
tethered to a peeling rind
hear the pealing of the bells
3 a.m. and time will tell
if there really is a way
out of this bind

so the streets unwind before me
reveal old familiar spaces
like a lover's cold embrace
and I know what I'll encounter
beyond all my waking hours

not a soul
not a soul
not a soul